The Journey is about the Process not the Destination

We all have a story to tell. But remember its God that's the Author.

About Shenea


In order for one to truly live, they must be willing to truly die and be born again”

Shenea January is an inspirational speaker and encourager of those that are on a journey and have come to the crossroad of life. Compelled by her own personal journey she accepted her calling as a Spiritual Mid Wife helping others to give birth to what she calls the “Authentic You!”

The journey is about the soul awakening and connecting back with its Creator.  entered into agreement with the Spirit and you will soon see Him and be given a  new persona. Shenea helps others to cope with the pain that the journey brings by understanding the process that is leading them down a path to healing and being a witness to Gods Grace.

When your true journey begins you are giving an invitation by Christ. This invitation is not the same as when your were first saved. This invitation is different, it will cost you something, everything you thought you knew and possibly everything you own.

Shenea came to this crossroad when she lost her business in 2013 causing her to hit rock bottom losing almost everything she owned. She explains the process as dark, fearful and to say the least painful. She also says that “It is a gift from God”, to walk with him and  experience the  Kingdom while on earth. Her heart is to please God and to walk worthy of the calling given to her.

Jesus said " if you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give up your life for me you will find it. 

She asks the question are you ready to live? And if your answer is yes welcome to The Journey of a lifetime!